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Böhmer Gusstechnik GmbH & Co.KG

Annenstraße 79, 58453 WITTEN-GERMANY

PO Box 1220, 58402 WITTEN-GERMANY

Telefon +49(0)2302/961-0

Telefax +49(0)2302/961-100



Böhmer Gusstechnik is supplying components for Flexity Wien Tramway made of stainless steel. The components are being x-rayed 100 % and supplied ready for assembly.


Cast and stainless steel from Germany

Being a middle-sized steel foundry we are offering you the technical definition and production

of steel- and stainless steel castings from 10 - 5.000 kg delivery weight, unmachined or

pre-machined or ready for assembly.

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