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Our promise

100 % made in Germany

Our products are completely and 100% made in Germany. In-house made cast steel, high quality spare parts and raw materials of German suppliers guarantee maximum quality and reliability. 


Cast steel parts to your special requirements

Our costumised castings

The Böhmer cast steel foundry offers full service.

We produce costumised parts made of cast and stainless steel. The maximum weigth up to 5.000 kg each. These parts are beeing supplied unmachined, pre-machined or ready-machined.

Rely on our expertise - get our support as consultants even before the concept has been worked out. Based on your 3D-patterns, we create a cast optimised geometric shape using state of the art simulation software.

Based on many years of experience with cast steel, we can advise you in your choice of material and technical design.
We offer more than 80 different materials, but only one of it is the right solution for you. Ask us for advice!

Even more: Depending on your requirements you get the corresponding patterns, the castings and if desired even complete assemblies ready to install. With a wide range of partners we can offer you everything under one roof.

For the whole time, you just need to be in contact with only one person.

Mining products

Extreme resilience

Miningbauteile aus Stahlguss für Großbagger

Our castings are dynamically strained parts used in mining excavators with a total load of max 550 t. The biggest one amounts to a maximum capacity of round about 1.000 t. Thus the mechanical demands on our components are extremly high.

More information on mining products

Gear components made of wear-resistant cast steel

Long life-cycle resulting from less wear

Langlebige Getriebeteile aus Stahlguss

Another field of applications of the cast steel parts of Eisenwerk Böhmer is the power transmission technology. Our castings are used in heavy-duty gear units or marine engines. Here they transmit high power in a reliable way.

More information on gear components


Cast steel in public transport

Reliable when it depends on

Robuste Stahlgussteile in der Verkehrstechnik

Connectors between undercarriage and passenger compartment, chassis components, frame parts... . A lot of them are manufactured at Böhmer Gusstechnik and used all over the world.  Quality and reliability are main aspects of demand. We are very well aware of that and work with highest responsibility. 

More information on cast steel in public transport

High quality cast steel parts for special applications

Housings and fittings

Stahlguss für Armaturen und Gehäuse in der Industrie

Böhmer Gusstechnik also produce castings like housings or valves for turbines and gear manufacturers. Those high dynamically stressed components are constructed in cooperation with the costumer to find out maximum optimisation potentials. Trust our expertise in the choice of material and the correct construction of your castings. We are pleased to support you in each project phase.

More information on housings and fittings


Cast steel parts as most flexible solution

General mechanical engineering

Stahlgussteile für den Maschinenbau und Anlagenbau

The technical support, done by the engineers of Böhmer Gusstechnik, is one of our main tasks for costumers from the construction and mechanical engineer sector. Because of the close development cooperation we can ensure, that the geometric shape and the material properties are best for your application.

More information on general mechanical engineering