Our Company

Böhmer Gusstehcnik GmbH & Co. KG

As of 01.02.2016 two new companies came to existence

Böhmer Gusstechnik GmbH & Co. KG


Böhmer Zerspanungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Böhmer Gusstechnik GmbH & Co. KG resumed its normal activities after the seperation of Eisenwerk Böhmer on 01.02.2016. Lean structures, short ways of decisions and closely cooperating project teams now provide extremely efficient and close - to - customers work.

This easy transition is last but not least the result of your trust and solidarity and for this we are very thankful.

Eisenwerk Böhmer 1920 - 2016

Luftbild des Eisenwerks Böhmer in Witten

More than 90 years of experience with steel and cast materials, more than 90 years characterised by quality and performance. An excellent combination of properties which leads us even today and in the fourth generation of leadership to the obligation to fulfill the versatile requirements of our costumers. And we have the preconditions: A modern steel cast factory for various products. A mechanical processing shop situated next to the foundry area, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machining equipment. Our certificated quality management guarantees a continuously high standard of our processes in addition to a permanent thinking of optimisation. 


Our philosophy

We are maintaining this alignment

We produce cast steel made of tradition

  • Our cast steel products ensure safety, mobility and economic solutions for all fields of technical application
  • Basing on earlier generations, we continue our management philosophy
  • Our skills, supported by our hard-won know-how and our permanent thinking of optimisation, guarantee a long-lasting competitiveness
  • It is our obligation to comply with the relevant laws and the requirements of public authorities
  • As a leading manufacturer of "Made in Germany" cast steel parts, we are a supplier to a multitude of costumers worldwide 
  • We are responsible for our local environment and have to safeguard Witten as location for living for the following generations

We achieve our company´s success together 

  • We work together in the sense of appreciation, open exchange of information and frank criticism
  • We communicate information at all levels of our company
  • We are a team of competent and self-confident employees
  • Our success is based on our employees´ competence, individual initiative and performance motivation.
  • We improve our employees´ skills as the best way to promote motivation and the sense of responsibility

We work together in an efficient organisation structure

  • Our decision-making processes are rapid
  • Engagement and initiative shape our daily work
  • Our customers, suppliers and employees are our partners

We want to make profit

  • The existence of our company is only safeguarded by earning money
  • We operate cost-efficiently and energy-conscious
  • It is our daily objective to optimise our production sustainable, to reduce the use of energy and to avoid unnecessary costs

We are continuously striving to make improvements

  • We ensure a continuous improvement by permanent checking of our management systems and processes
  • Using new production methods and state-of-the-art machinery, we increase our quality, performance and efficiency.
  • Our employees have the responsibility to bring in their know-how to identify new potentials and possible areas of improvement 
  • Because of a continuous research and development, we improve our products concerning material, geometric shape and gerneral quality aspects

We depend on our customers

  • Our products fulfil our customers´ requirements
  • Our support for customers is competent, reliable and prompt
  • Our product and process development was done in cooperation with our customers to reach maximum possible benefit for all participants