Casting adviser - a useful tool

The "casting adviser" is a software tool exclusively developed for designers, supported by the German casting association, to identify the optimum material and the most suitable cast technology for your demands. It is also available in English! Take a look.

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The portal of "Bundesverband der deutschen Gießereiindustrie" is offering you a profound survey on production properties and applications of cast steel.



Cast steel

Versatile use and extremely reliable

Steel is an alloy of iron, the most important alloy element of which, carbon, makes up to 2%. Furthermore, alloys are silicon, manganese, phosphorus and sulphur. The meaning of cast steel is the processing of liquid steel to a solid and geometrically defined part. For many costumers cast steel products are very interesting, because of their wide range of application fields. Depending on its composition and the heat treatment it is able to adjust the mechanical properties within wide limits. The geometric freedom, to be able to realise nearly any shape, makes it the most favourite shaping process.  

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Stainless steel casting

For use in heat and aggressive media

By alloying cast steel with elements of nickel, chrome, molybdane, copper, wolfram, vanadium and nitrogen it is possible to produce castings anti corrosive and heat-resistant. Those are required especially in the pump- and fitting industry, food production and transport.

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